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Resources: Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting Core Facility (FACS)

The key facility for stem cell research related activities is the Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) core facility that was created by virtue of a large NIH instrumentation award won by a group of investigators across the Cornell campus. This Core provides a crucial service to laboratories involved in stem cell and other research at Cornell. The NYSTEM funding administered by the Stem Cell Program augments the existing high-performance cell sorter by the acquisition of: (1) an advanced digital high speed analyzer and more sensitive optics for more sensitive detection of low signals, both of which are specifically useful for stem cell research because of the kinds of signals being analyzed. The availability of the analyzer in the core relieves demand on the sorter and make more time available for sorting; (2) work stations that can support independent user analysis of data, freeing up the users to analyze their own data without having to use the single computer that controls the sorter; (3) a retrofit aerosol containment device to enhance insurance of sterility and ensure isolation in the instance of viable sorts especially when there are agents that may constitute an infectious hazard; (4) a high throughput sample feed to allow automatic processing of sample batches which would free the operator from the tedious task and allow him to provide sorting functions that can not be automated. Given frequent overload of the existing equipment, this addition is be beneficial to all users of FACS services.