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Cornell Stem Cell Modeling and Phenotyping Core

The Core provides state-of-the art capabilities for scientists to generate stem cells, modify genes in highly specific ways, create transgenic research animal models for basic and clinical research, analyze pathology of these animal models with high diagnostic and microscopic resolution, and study individual stem cells in live animals or in manmade environments.

The core consists of three units:

1) Stem Cell and Transgenic Core Facility

2) Stem Cell Pathology Unit

3) Stem Cell Optical Imaging Unit

The key feature of the Core is seamless integration of advanced animal modeling and phenotyping. Close coordination of activities by the Core units ensures that generation of transgenic animal models via genome editing technologies from the experimental inception is tightly linked to characterization of these models at the gross pathological, histological, and cellular levels both in vivo and ex vivo. Investigators are encouraged to consult personnel of all three units at the stage of model design. Such an approach allows the most informed incorporation and efficient use of imaging and phenotypical modalities during the course of a research project.