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Stem Cell Work In Progress

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Stem Cell Work In Progress meetings take place each third Tuesday in Lecture Hall II of the Veterinary Research Tower from 12:20 p.m. to 1:10 p.m. WIP is offered as BIOMS 7900 - Seminars in Stem Cell Research to students enrolled in the Stem Cell Biology Minor.

There are no upcoming presentations scheduled at this time.

Recent Presentations

May 16, 2023

Eirene Markenscoff-Papadimitriou
Gene Regulation in Neurodevelopment and Autism

Matalin Pirtz (Nikitin/Cosgrove Labs)
Investigating Carcinogenesis in the Mouse Endometrium

April 18, 2023

Brian Aguilera (Kurpios Lab)
Pitx2 Regulates Epithelial Homeostasis and Function in the Postnatal Intestine

Seona Lee (Tumbar Lab)
The Role of SOX6 in Stem Cell Heterogeneity and Tissue Regeneration in Skin

March 21, 2023

Nikola Danev (Van de Walle)
Bovine Milk-Derived Cells Express Transcriptome Markers of Pluripotency and Secrete Bioactive Factors with Regenerative and Antimicrobial Activity

Daryl Phuong (Schimenti Lab)
Determining the Role of Cell State and Genetic Alterations in Initiation and Progression of High-Grade Serous Ovarian Carcinoma

February 21, 2023

Bhargav Sanketi (Kurpios Lab)
Origin, Assembly and Regeneration of Villus Muscles

Chris Ke Bai (Tumbar Lab)
Dissecting the Role of H3K9me3 in Skin Development

January 17, 2023

Leanne Donahue (White Lab)
Identifying a Role for Hmga2 in the Cutaneous Response to UVB

Emily Laurilliard (Cosgrove Lab)
Dissecting Endothelial Cell-Muscle Stem Cell Communication in Skeletal Muscle Regeneration

December 20, 2022

Nicole Sempertegui (Fischbach Lab)
Collagen Mineralization and Breast Cancer-Derived Factors Regulate Mesenchymal Stem Cell Behavior

Amaresh Chaturbedi (Lee Lab)
Regulation of Fat Metabolism and Longevity by Germline Stem Cells in C. elegans

November 15, 2022

Rebecca Irwin (Delco Lab)
Connexin 43 mediates Mitochondrial Transfer from Mesenchymal Stromal Cells to Chondrocytes

Krista Angileri (Feschotte Lab)
Transposon Control as a Checkpoint During Regeneration

October 18, 2022

Marissa Baccas (Liu Lab)
SEM-2/SoxC regulates the specification, proliferation, and diversification of a multipotent blast cell in C. elegans

Anushka Dongre
Epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity in heterogeneous breast tumors: Causes and Consequences of targeting CD73

September 20, 2022

Gopal Chovatiya (Tumbar Lab)
Adulty endothelial and non-endothelial VE-cadherin expressing lineages highlight coordinated vasculature and nerve homestatic remodeling

Coulter Ralston (Nikitin/Cosgrove Labs)
Identifying cancer-prone cell states within the tubal epithelium

April 19, 2022

Andrew Yen
Control of cell differentiation by retinoic acid

Trista Thorn (Aydemir Lab)
Deletion of metal transporter Slc39a14/Zip14 protects neural progenitors from manganese toxicity

March 15, 2022

Charles Danko
ChRO-seq: a new lens for interpreting genome sequence

Munisha Mumingjiang (Schimenti Lab)
The role of genome maintenance during placental development

February 15, 2022

Gerlinde Van de Walle
The potential of the mesenchymal stromal cell secretome in wound healing

Amanda Loehr (Weiss Lab)
Investigating the effects of oncogene activation in the germline

January 18, 2022

Seona Lee (Tumbar Lab)
The role of Sox6 in stem cell heterogeneity and tissue regeneration in skin

Charles Heinke (Cosgrove Lab)
Engineered biomimetic niche reveals notch ligand-specific muscle stem cell fate regulation

December 21, 2021

Jacqueline Copeland (Simoes-Costa Lab)
Systems level discovery of key regulators for human neural crest cell formation

Danysh Abetov (Nikitin Lab)
Single cell transcriptome of prostate cancer progression

November 16, 2021

Abby Benvie (Berry Lab)
The role of platelet derived growth factor receptor beta in myogenesis

Jelena Lujic (Cohen Lab)
The spermatogonia-to-meiosis transition as a novel contraceptive target

October 19, 2021

Sangeeta Ghuwalewala (Tumbar Lab)
Epidermal regenerative micro-domains harbor multiple stem and progenitor populations for robust homeostasis and stress responses

Shing Hu (Kurpios Lab)
The asymmetric Pitx2 gene regulates gut muscular-lacteal development and protects against fatty liver disease

September 21, 2021

Divya Shiroor (Adler Lab)
ATM kinase regulates radiation-induced stem cell apoptosis in planarians

Lauren Walter (Cosgrove Lab)
Single-cell transcriptomic analysis of age-related changes in skeletal muscle regeneration

May 18, 2021

Danysh Abetov (Nikitin Lab)
Understanding the role of neuroendocrine cells in prostate development and cancer

Yiwen Qin (Schimenti Lab)
Investigating the maternal effects in female-biased embryonic death induced by genomic instability

April 20, 2021

Krista Angileri (Feschotte Lab)
Transposable elements respond to eye injury

Paula Petrella (Cosgrove Lab)
Elucidating the role of the stem cell phenotype in triple-negative breast cancer resistance to combined chemotherapy

March 16, 2021

Gopal Chovatiya (Tumbar Lab)
RNA Polymerase II mediated transcriptional regulation in tissue specific adult stem cells in vivo

Elizabeth Moore (Fischbach Lab)
The roles of fibrotic extracellular matrix in breast cancer stem-like cell therapy resistance

February 16, 2021

Meg Fahey (Delco Lab)
Investigating mechanisms underlying the ability of mesenchymal stromal cells to prevent degenerative disc disease

Matt Edwards (Koren Lab)
Identification of DNA replication timing asynchronies at imprinted genomic loci using uniparental stem cells

January 19, 2021

Yu-Han Amy Hung (Sethupathy Lab)
Discovery of candidate microRNA regulators of human small intestinal identity during early development

Amanda Loehr (Weiss) Lab)
Differentiation therapy as an alternative treatment strategy for malignant testicular germ cell tumors

December 15, 2020

Shing Hu (Kurpios Lab)
The asymmetric Pitx2 regulates intestinal muscular-lacteal development and protects against fatty liver disease

Melanie Maurer (Lammerding Lab)
LMNA-mutant stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes exhibit nuclear defects, lamin mislocalization, and altered DNA damage response

November 17, 2020

Luye An (White Lab)
Determining the role of proinflammatory factors TNF╬▒ and Cox2 in UVB-induced melanocyte stem cell activation and migration

Amaresh Chaturbedi (Lee Lab)
Regulation of fat metabolism and longevity by germline stem cells in C. elegans

October 20, 2020

Carrie Adler
Planarian stem cells sense the identity of missing tissues to launch targeted regeneration

Manvendra Singh (Feschotte Lab)
Human endogenous retroviruses remodel the cis-regulatory networks of embryonic and germ stem cells

September 15, 2020

Megan Rothstein (Simoes-Costa Lab)
Integration of signaling systems within the neural crest gene regulatory network via TFAP2 pioneer factors

Jamie Blum (Thalacker-Mercer Lab)
Intracellular and circulating metabolic mediators of muscle progenitor cell proliferation

May 19, 2020

Gopal Chovatiya (Tumbar Lab)
Transcriptome analysis of hair follicle stem cells in adult skin

Cybelle Tabilas (Rudd Lab)
Microbial exposure in early life alters the developmental layering of CD8+ T cells

April 21, 2020

Max Kushner (Zipfel Lab)
A novel microscopy based method for detecting the genomic contacts of a genomic locus

Xinbao Ding (Schimenti Lab)
Identification of human infertility alleles in vitro

February 18, 2020

Ian Rose (Nikitin Lab)
Organoid formation and gene expression patterns in the human fallopian tube epithelium

Chelsea Stephens (Butcher Lab)
Microvascularization of bioengineered neo-tissue flaps for chronic wound repair

January 21, 2020

Charles Danko
Bayesian inference of cell composition and gene expression reveals tumor-microenvironment interactions

Dashiell Massey (Koren Lab)
High-throughput profiling of DNA replication timing in single human cells

December 17, 2019

Charlotte Marx (Van de Walle Lab)
The antimicrobial properties of equine mesenchymal stromal cells as biologic alternative to antibiotics

Miwa Wenzel (Aquadro Lab)
Interactions between the germline stem cell gene bam and the bacteria Wolbachia

November 19, 2019

Alan Chiu (Ma Lab)
Engineering vasculature to support encapsulated insulin producing cells

David McKellar (Cosgrove/De Vlaminck Labs)
Integrating single-cell and nascent RNA sequencing to identify regulatory factors in myogenesis

October 15, 2019

Elizabeth Moore (Fischbach Lab)
Obesity-associated extracellular matrix remodeling and its effect on the DNA damage response of breast cancer cells and tumor-initiating mammary stem cells

Brooke Marks (Coonrod Lab)
Identification of c-kit as a potential mediator of tamoxifen resistance

September 17, 2019

Michelle Delco
Mitochondrial donation as a new paradigm for Mesenchymal Stromal Cell function in orthopedic regenerative medicine

Ajeet Singh
The role of the MicroRNA-7 in intestinal regeneration and host metabolism

May 21, 2019

Xinbao Ding (Schimenti Lab)
Identification of human infertility alleles in an ESC differentiation system

Yu-Han Amy Hung (Sethupathy Lab)
Chromatin run-on sequencing reveals the transcriptional programming that determines stem cell identity during early human small intestinal development

April 16, 2019

Mallikarjun Bidarimath (Nikitin Lab)
Stem/progenitor cells of the human tubal epithelium and their role in ovarian carcinoma

Divya Shiroor (Adler Lab)
Injury promotes stem cell survival in planarians

March 19, 2019

Max Kushner (Zipfel Lab)
A novel microscopy based method for detecting the genomic contacts of a genomic locus

Chelsea Stephens (Butcher Lab)
Hemodynamic flow and paracrine-mediated crosstalk on the angiogenic response within a 3D-bioprinted tissue

February 19, 2019

Masoud Golshadi (Cheetham Lab)
Promoting functional recovery after peripheral nerve injury by alteration of macrophage phenotype using exogenous interleukin-10 delivery

Peter Nagy (Buchon Lab)
Gut microbes modulate immune pathways in intestinal stem cells to influence their lineage

January 15, 2019

Daniel Berry
A perivascular niche controls adipose tissue biology

Asif Rashid (Yen Lab)
Roscovitine synergize with all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA)-induced leukemia cell differentiation: A promising therapeutic agent for blood/bone marrow cancer

December 18, 2018

Sangjo Kang (Tumbar Lab)
Low levels of Histone H3 K4/9/27me3 are required for adult hair follicle stem cell dynamics and proper tissue regeneration

Pragya Shah (Lammerding Lab)
Squish and squeeze: Confined cancer cell migration and its impact on DNA damage

November 20, 2018

Vimal Selvaraj
Trophoblast stem cell self-renewal and differentiation

Alex Loiben (Cosgrove Lab)
Engineering microenvironments to achieve long-term, clinical-scale skeletal muscle stem cell expansion

October 16, 2018

Thomas Carter (Feschotte Lab)
Endogenous retroviruses as a source of regulatory evolution in primate embryonic stem cells

Shivem Shah (Singh Lab)
Immune organoids to study B cell differentiation

April 17, 2018

David Small (Schaffer-Nishimura Lab)
The influence of hypoxia on c-kit expression following cardiac injury

Mallikarjun Bidarimath (Nikitin Lab)
Stem/progenitor cells of the human tubal epithelium and their role in ovarian carcinoma

March 20, 2018

Kathryn Grive (Cohen Lab)
Elucidating genetic regulatory mechanisms critical for mammalian germline stem cell identity and differentiation

Simon Frueh (Tait Wojno Lab)
The role of Lin28b in lymphoid cell development

February 20, 2018

Roman Spektor (Soloway Lab)
Effects of lead toxicity on methylation and transcriptional landscapes in the mouse central nervous system

Robert Yamulla (Schimenti Lab)
Drivers of High Grade Serous Ovarian Carcinoma

January 16, 2018

Sangjo Kang (Tumbar Lab)
Manipulating histone methylation levels in the skin regulates hair follicle stem cell regulation via BMP signaling

Debadrita Bhattacharya (Simoes-Costa Lab)
Control of neural crest multipotency by Wnt signaling and Lin28/let-7 axis

December 19, 2017

Michael McCoy (Fischbach Lab)
Interleukin-8 Regulates Glioblastoma Cancer Stem Cell and Endothelial Cell Crosstalk

Gat Rauner (Van de Walle Lab)
Understanding susceptibility and resistance to mammary cancer through species comparison

November 21, 2017

Kelly Jun Liu
The C. elegans Spalt-like protein SEM-4 functions through the SoxC transcription factor SEM-2 to promote a proliferative blast cell fate in the postembryonic mesoderm

Tinyi Chu (Danko Lab)
Chromatin run-on reveals nascent RNAs that differentiate normal and malignant brain tissue

October 17, 2017

Praveen Sethupathy
MicroRNA regulators of intestinal stem cell behavior

Wilfred Leung (Richards Lab)
Investigating the role of SETD2 in canine and human B-cell lymphoma

September 19, 2017

Hyeongsun Moon (White Lab)
Mechanisms of melanoma initiation from adult stem cells

Chinatsu Mukai (Coonrod Lab)
TGFb signaling as a potential driver of extracellular matrix remodeling and tumor progression in canine hemangiosarcoma

May 16, 2017

Andrea De Micheli (Cosgrove Lab)
Interrogation of muscle stem cell-niche interactions using artificial 3D niche micro-gels and single-cell RNA sequencing

Robert Weiss
Insights into the origins and stem cell properties of testicular germ cell tumors

April 18, 2017

Dah-Jiun Fu (Nikitin Lab)
The cell-of-origin of gastric transitional zone cancer

Jiahn Choi (Schaffer/Nishmura Lab)
Coordinated motion of the stem cell niche is critical to recovery after damage due to in vivo femtosecond laser ablation

March 21, 2017

Aditi Iyengar (Nikitin Lab)
The role of neuroendocrine dysregulation in prostate cancer

Robert Yamulla (Schimenti Lab)
Drivers of high grade serous ovarian carcinoma

February 21, 2017

Miguel Brieno Enriquez (Cohen Lab)
The commitment of human female PGCs into meiosis and folliculogenesis

Benjamin Cohen (Bonassar Lab)
The use of mesenchymal stem cells in tissue engineering the human auricle

January 17, 2017

Prachi Jain (Tumbar Lab)
Hair follicle epithelial stem cells remodel their environment to regulate tissue homeostasis

Xi Liu (Buchon Lab)
Microbes alter epithelium composition and ISC lineage in Drosophila midgut

December 20, 2016

Christine Charvet (Koren Lab)
Genome-wide variation in DNA replication timing across human embryonic stem cells

Tim Robinette (Libert Lab)
Study of germline immortality and oocyte rejuvenation

November 15, 2016

Katharina Wittmann (Fischbach Lab)
Obesity-associated stromal changes promote cancer stem cell properties in breast cancer

Jackie Hill (Fortier Lab)
Mesenchymal stem cell antigenicity is suppressed in an inflamed joint environment

October 18, 2016

Carrie Adler
Planarian stem cells and organ regeneration

Melissa Ledet (Van de Walle Lab)
Differential response of equine and canine mammosphere derived cells to carcinogens

September 20, 2016

Jocelyn Wang (Rudd Lab)
Fetal and adult progenitors give rise to unique populations of CD8+ T cells

Jason Lu (Ma Lab)
Small packages, big potential: organogenesis and tumorigenesis in microcapsules

April 19, 2016

Veerle Rottiers (Lee Lab)
Germline stem cells regulation of lifespan in males and hermaphrodites in C. elegans

Aditi Iyengar (Nikitin Lab)
Neuroendocrine cells in prostate development and prostate cancer

March 15, 2016

Lauren Webb (Tait Wojno Lab)
Type 1 immunity during gastrointestinal helminth infection

Paul Soloway
Mechanisms underlying RNA-mediated DNA methylation in mice

February 16, 2016

Daniel Zinshteyn (Barbash Lab)
Rapidly evolving stonewall maintains germline stem cells and regulates transposons

Tim Pierpont (Weiss Lab)
Testicular germ cell tumors harboring chemosensitive cancer stem cells originate during a restricted window of embryonic development

January 19, 2016

Prachi Jain (Tumbar Lab)
Runx1 controls hair follicle stem cell activation by regulating both cell-intrinsic and environmental cues

Ling Qi
Make beta cell proliferate again!

December 15, 2015

Dania Villarnovo (Richards Lab)
The role of Sox2 in canine lymphomas

Stephen Sammons (Liu Lab)
The histone chaperone RBA-1 is critical for C. elegans mesoderm patterning

November 17, 2015

Charles Danko
Mechanistic insights into cellular function from analyzing transcription in T-cells and breast cancer cells

Megan Bernard (Cheetham Lab)
Immunomodulatory effects of nerve specific extracellular matrix in sciatic repair

October 20, 2015

Robert MacDonald (Yen Lab)
The role of CD38 in all-trans retinoic acid-induced differentiation of an acute myelogenous leukemia cell line

Jaclyn Bubnell (Aquadro Lab)
Functional evolution of bag-of-marbles, the key switch for gametogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster

September 15, 2015

Sachi Horibata (Coonrod Lab)
PAD2 as a novel therapeutic target for breast cancer

Jiahn Choi (Schaffer/Nishimura Lab)
Understanding the dynamics of the stem cell niche in the small intestine with femtosecond laser photo disruption

May 19, 2015

Michael Platov (Libert Lab)
Comparative omics analysis of Canis lupus familiaris to elucidate longevity-associated pathways

Wei Song (Ma Lab)
Engraftment of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived hepatocytes in immunocompetent mice via 3D co-aggregation and encapsulation

April 21, 2015

Leen Bussche (Van de Walle Lab)
A comparative approach to study mammary stem cell renewal

Ben Cosgrove
Quantitative dissection of heterogeneous muscle stem cell dysfunctional in aging

March 17, 2015

Nora Springer (Fischbach Lab)
Obesity-associated inflammation contributes to adipose stromal cells pro-fibrotic phenotype

Alberto Purwada (Singh Lab)
Artificial follicle organoid for improved B cell differentiation

February 17, 2015

Mary Clare McCorry (Bonassar Lab)
Stem cell applications in meniscus tissue engineering

Schimenti Lab Staff
Overview of the Stem Cell and Transgenic Core Facility and CRISPR projects

January 20, 2015

Jennifer Cassano (Fortier Lab)
Bone marrow concentrate and platelet rich plasma differ in cell distribution and interleukin 1 receptor antagonist protein

Alex Wang (Tumbar Lab)
Gata6 is essential for maintenance of hair follicle progenitor cells

December 16, 2014

Tim Pierpont (Weiss Lab)
Investigating how the DNA damage response and stem cell properties of testicular germ cancers influence chemosensitivity

Dah-Jiun Fu (Nikitin Lab)
Epithelial transition zone and gastric cancer

November 18, 2014

Philip Houtz (Buchon Lab)
Genetic regulation of stem cell behavior in the Drosophila midgut

Christelle Johnson (Shen Lab)
Metabolic reprogramming in metastatic disease

October 21, 2014

Patricia Davidson (Lammerding Lab)
Using microfabricated devices and patient-derived iPSCs to study cardiac laminopathies

Viju Vijayan Pillai (Selvaraj Lab)
Towards the generation of bovine pluripotent stem cells

September 16, 2014

Bin Duan (Butcher Lab)
Micro- and macro-environmental design to control stem cell differentiation and matrix remodeling in 3D hydrogels

Paula Cohen
Strategies for studying human oocytes and primordial germ cells

April 15, 2014

Robert Weiss
New insights into cancer stem cells from a mouse testicular germ cell tumor model

Brian Rudd
The fate of CD8+ T cells during infection is linked to their developmental origin

March 18, 2014

Scott Coonrod
Role of PAD2 in skin carcinogenesis

Daniel Zinshteyn (Barbash Lab)
Rapid evolution of a Drosophila germline stem cell maintenance factor

February 18, 2014

Jun Kelly Liu
Cell fate specification in the C. elegans post embryonic mesoderm

Philip Houtz (Buchon Lab)
Control of intestinal stem cell activity in the Drosophila gut in response to infection

January 21, 2014

Jayhun Lee (Tumbar Lab)
Hair follicle stem cell quiescence is associated with low epigenetic identity and high genome plasticity mediated by growth factor signaling

Maureen Lynch (Fischbach Lab)
3D culture models for investigating the effects of mechanical loading on osteogenic stem cell differentiation in breast cancer bone metastasis

December 17, 2013

Ankur Singh
Adhesive signature-based, label-free isolation of human pluripotent stem cells

Alexander Nikitin & Warren Zipfel
Stem cell pathology, imaging and the Stem Cell Core

November 19, 2013

Cait Costello (March Lab)
Synthetic small intestines for studies of host-microbe interactions

John Schimenti
Genome editing in mice and the Stem Cell Core

October 15, 2013

Leen Bussche (Van de Walle Lab)
A comparative stem cell model for breast cancer

Wendy Mercer Geil (Yen Lab)
Nuclear Raf-1 kinase regulates BLR1/CXCR5 promoter by binding to NFATc3 to control retinoic acid-induced leukemic cell differentiation

September 17, 2013

Xiling Shen
MicroRNA versatility in cell fate determination

Ian Welsh (Kurpios Lab)
From tissues to chromosomes, the developmental genomics of organ asymmetry

May 21, 2013

Brian Rudd
Neonatal immunity and the layered immune hypothesis

Young Hye Song (Fischbach Lab)
Adipose-derived stem cells as physicochemical regulator of tumor angiogenesis

April 16, 2013

Laura Hockaday (Butcher Lab)
In-Situ photocrosslinking and 3D bioprinting of defined matrix environments to control differentiation of adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells within tissue engineered heart valves

Kim Holloway (Cohen Lab)
Investigating regulatory pathways involved in mammalian meiosis and gametogenesis

March 19, 2013

Patricia Davidson (Lammerding Lab)
Using patient-derived iPSCs to investigate cardiac disease caused by lamin and titin mutations

Patrick Murphy (Soloway Lab)
Analysis of cell type specific epigenetic mark coordination using single molecule methods

February 19, 2013

Timothy Pierpont (Weiss Lab)
Elucidation of the DNA damage response and stem cell properties of murine metastatic testicular germ cell cancer

Iris Jonkers (Lis Lab)
The dynamics of RNA polymerase II in the transcription cycle

January 15, 2013

Brooke Wilson (Fortier Lab)
Novel use of a microfluidics device to identify the optimal biologic to enhance endogenous stem cell recruitment and homing

Yunhai Luo (Schimenti Lab)
Primordial germ cell depletion in FANCM-deficient mice involves p53-p21 signaling

December 18, 2012

Aiko Sada Nishimura (Tumbar Lab)
Defining the cellular lineage hierarchy in adult skin epidermis

Holly Jensen (Yen Lab)
Overcoming the differentiation block: Understanding retinoic acid-induced differentiation in a model human leukemic progenitor cell line

November 20, 2012

Andrea Flesken-Nikitin (Nikitin Lab)
Identification of a novel cancer-prone stem cell niche for the ovarian surface epithelium

Qiaoming Long
Role of SEL1L in liver cholesterol metabolism and tumorigenesis

October 16, 2012

Nicolas Buchon
Epithelium renewal in the Drosophila gut: how intestinal stem cells behave in a microbial world

Xiling Shen
Pattern formation in intestinal crypts

September 18, 2012

Lawrence Bonassar
Marrow-derived stem cells for intervertebral disc tissue engineering

Scott Coonrod
Linking structure to function in the mammalian oocyte cytoplasm

May 15, 2012

Vikas Ghai (Liu Lab)
Investigating the role of SEM-4/SALL in proliferation versus differentiation decisions during development of C. elegans postembryonic mesoderm

Tim Cowley (Lee Lab)
Elucidating the roles of mammalian HCF-1 and HCF-2 in beta-cell and embryonic stem cell function

April 17, 2012

Ute Schwab (Felippe Lab)
Establishing culture conditions favorable for equine B lymphopoiesis

Iris Jonkers (Lis Lab)
The role of P-TEFb in the RNA Polymerase II transcription cycle

March 20, 2012

Vimal Selvaraj
Directing differentiation of embryonic stem cells to oligodendrocytes

Jonathan Flax (Soloway Lab)
The role of DNA methylation in alternative splicing

February 21, 2012

Bo Ri Seo (Fischbach Lab)
Obesity-associated adipose stromal cells as physicochemical modulators of breast tumorigenesis

Ewelina Bolcun-Filas (Schimenti Lab)
Quality control in germ cells

January 17, 2012

Jayhun Lee (Tumbar Lab)
Epigenetic regulation of hair follicle stem cell proliferation during adult skin homeostatis

Yogindra Vedvyas (Jin Lab)
Development of mAb against Ephrin-B2: Application to detection of tumor, tumor-vasculature, and cancer stem cells

December 20, 2011

Amy Lyndaker (Weiss Lab)
A novel mouse model of testicular cancer: Simultaneous Pten loss and Kras activation in postnatal germ cells results in teratocarcinogenesis

Xuesen Zhang (Coonrod Lab)
PAD2-catalyzed histone Arginine 26 citrullination facilitates E2-reguated gene transcription

November 15, 2011

Iris Sun (Qi Lab)
ATP-P2X7 signaling is dispensable for inflammasome activation in adipose tissue in obesity

Aparna Mahadevan (Kurpios Lab)
Role of left-right signaling pathway in organ specific vascularization of the midgut

October 18, 2011

Chang-il Hwang (Nikitin Lab)
mir-34 deficiency increases cell proliferation but not iPS cell reprogramming efficiency

Laura Hockaday (Butcher Lab)
3D printed heterogeneous microenvironments: Gradient stiffness hydrogels for directed stem cell differentiation

May 17, 2011

Ashlee Watts (Nixon Lab)
Characterization and musculoskeletal application of pluripotent ESC-like cells derived from fetal tissue

Yunhai Luo (Schimenti Lab)
Genome Maintenance in germline stem cells

April 19, 2011

Adam Francisco (Long Lab)
Haploid Insufficiency of Suppressor Enhancer Lin12 1 Like (SEL1L) Predisposes Mice to High Fat Diet-induced Hyperglycemia

Julia Felippe
B cell differentiation from hematopoietic stem cells

March 15, 2011

Chieh-Yang Cheng (Nikitin Lab)
Role of neuroendocrine cells in prostate development

Michael Kotlikoff
Cardiac renewal - stem cells or dedifferentiation

February 15, 2011 Boram Kim (Coonrod Lab)
Role for MATER in Organelle Redistribution During Oocyte Maturation
Ian Welsh (Kurpios Lab)
A functional genomics approach to understand the transcriptional and signaling regulation of cellular behavior
January 18, 2011 Emily Chandler (Fischbach Lab)
Adipose progenitor cells and their role in breast tumorigenesis
James Hagarman (Soloway Lab)
Mutual antagonism between DNA methylation and H3K27 trimethylation in mouse ES cells
December 21, 2010 Iris Jonkers (Lis Lab)
Genome wide distribution of RNA polymerase II after inhibition of P-TEFb
Heather Flores (Aquadro/Barbash Labs)
Evolutionary analysis of the Drosophila bag of marbles gene elucidates both intraspecific function and the consequences of interspecific divergence
November 16, 2010 Xiling Shen
"Assymetric Division of Colon Cancer Stem Cells
Rodica Buncaciu (Yen Lab)
"AhR promotes retinoic acid-induced differentiation by decreasing Oct4 expression in human myeloblastic leukemia cells (HL-60) "
October 19, 2010 Lauren Schabel (Fortier Lab)
"iPS cells from mouse, dog and horse
Amy Lyndaker (Weiss Lab)
"Recurrent copy number variation and intact DNA damage signaling in 129-Dnd1Ter/Ter murine testicular teratomas "
September 21, 2010 Ling Qi
"The role of myeloid progenitor cells in obesity and diabetes"
Karin Lilja (Tudorita Tumbar Lab)
"Runx1 promotes tumorigenesis through a p21 mediated pathway in skin "
May 18, 2010 David Infanger (Claudia Fischbach Lab)
"Engineering 3D microenvironments to study brain tumor stem cell behavior"
Sophy Jesty (Michael Kotlikoff Lab)
"The role of cardiovascular precursor cells in cardiac repair after infarction"
April 20, 2010 Le Cheng (Alexander Nikitin Lab)
"The role of miR-376b/467b - cIAP1/2 pathway in mammary cancer stem cells"
Terri Iwata (Sylvia Lee Lab)
"A possible role for HCF1 and HCF2 in stem cell function"
March 16, 2010 Josh Waterfall (John Lis Lab)
"Tracking RNA polymerase genome-wide by sequencing nascent transcripts"
Jiajie Yu (John March Lab)
"Towards an in vitro intestine: Developing 3D epithelial cell culture"
February 16, 2010 Jun Kelly Liu
"Diversification of the C. elegans postembryonic mesoderm by a FoxF/C forkhead protein and a Six2 homeodomain protein"
Nokyoung Park (Dan Luo Lab)
"A cell free protein producing gel"
January 19, 2010 Rui Kan (Scott Coonrod Lab)
"Regulation of Oocyte Microtubule and Organelle Dynamics by PADI6 and the Cytoplasmic Lattices"
Moonsoo Jin
"Multi-scale Approach to Human Health: Targeting cancer, inflammation, and association between them "
December 15, 2009 Ryan Tasseff (Andrew Yen Lab)
"Modeling and Analysis of the Pathways Governing RA Induced Differentiation in Uncommitted Precursor Cells"
Alexander Nikitin
"State of the Stem Cell Program"
November 17, 2009 Song Eun Lee (Tudorita Tumbar Lab)
"The role of Runx1 in hair follicle stem cells during tissue homeostasis"
Kenneth Kemphues
"The C. elegans embryo: a model for asymmetric division"
October 20, 2009 Yin He (Ling Qi Lab)
"The IRE1a/XBP1 pathway of the UPR is required for adipogenesis"
Tunde Babalola (Larrry Bonassar Lab)
"Differential response of chondrocytes and MSCs to the dynamic loading"
September 15, 2009 Suzanne Hartford (John Schimenti Lab)
"DNA Repair and Replication Genes and their involvement in Spermatogonial Stem Cell Maintenance"
Heather Flores (Daniel Barbash/Chip Aquadro Labs)
"Testing the functional consequences of adaptive protein evolution at the drosophila germline stem cell regulatory gene bag of marbles"
May 18, 2009 Emily Chandler (Claudia Fischbach Lab)
"Microenvironmental cues at the breast cancer interface alter adipocyte progenitor cell function"
Qiaoming Long
"Control of Notch signaling and Pancreatic Development"
April 20, 2009 Paul Soloway
"Single Molecule Chromatin Analysis - A Tool for Stem Cell Research"
Irene Min (John Lis Lab)
"Genome-wide Analysis of Engaged RNA Polymerase Activity and Promoter Status in Stem Cells"
March 16, 2009 Mike Kotlikoff
"Role of stem cells in repair of the adult heart"
Huseyin C. Yalcin (Jonathan Butcher Lab)
"Simulated embryonic environmental conditions on stem cell differentiation towards cardiac phenotypes"
February 16, 2009 Alex Travis
"Using Stem Cells to Develop Canine Transgenesis--Soliciting the Audience's Feedback on our Data and My R01 Proposal"
W. Lee Kraus
"Signaling, Chromatin, and Transcription: Mechanisms in Search of a Model System"
January 19, 2009 Le Cheng (Alexander Nikitin Lab)
"Genomic instability in cancer stem cells"
Miaoqing Shen (Andrew Yen Lab)
"c-Cbl interacts with CD38 and promotes RA-induced differentiation and G0 arrest of human myeloblastic leukemia cells"
December 16, 2008 Kelly Liu
"Mesodermal patterning and diversification in C. elegans"
Joanna Krzyspiak (John March Lab)
"Recreating In Vivo Epithelial Behavior Using Stem Cells in a Microfluidic Platform"
November 18, 2008 Scott Coonrod
"Epigenetic Regulation of Preimplantation Development and Breast Cancer"
Lisa Fortier
"The Use of Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting for Enrichment of Equine Bone Marrow Derived Stromal Cells"
October 21, 2008 Ying Zhang (Tudorita Tumbar Lab)
"Temporal and spatial segregation of differentiation and self-renewal for adult hair follicle stem cells"
Siu Sylvia Lee
"Probing a role of the longevity gene hcf-1 in stem cell maintenance"
September 16, 2008 Jin Hyang Choi (Alexander Nikitin Lab)
"Role of the local dermal progenitor cells in sarcomagenesis associated with p53 and Rb inactivation"
Weipeng Mu (John Schimenti Lab)
"The essentiality of PDCD2 in mouse preimplantation development implicates its involvement in embryonic stem cell self-renewal"
May 20, 2008 Paula Cohen
"Investigating the determinants of normal gametogenesis in the mouse: meiosis and beyond"
Xia Xu (Robert Weiss Lab)
"A mouse model for lung cancer and possible roles for lung stem cells in tumor initiation"
April 15, 2008 Paul Soloway
"Epigenetic Reprogramming in the Mouse Germline"
Emily Chandler (Claudia Fischbach Lab)
"Adipocyte Precursor Cells and Their Role in Breast Cancer Malignancy"
March 18, 2008 Qiaoming Long
"Sel1L, the mammalian ortholog of the C. elegans sel-1 gene, is required for growth and expansion of pancreatic stem cells"
Leighton Core (John Lis Lab)
"Classification of transcription regulatory mechanisms by genome-wide analysis of transcriptionally engaged RNA polymerases"
February 19, 2008 Jonathan Butcher
"Mechanical regulation of cell differentiation and tissue morphogenesis - The playground of embryonic development"
James Lee Smith II
"Cytometric analysis of Raf1 localization and phosphorylation during retinoic acid induced differentiation of HL60 cells"
January 15, 2008 Andrew Yen
"Decisions, Decisions: Multiplication and Division for Making Change; ie., Retinoic acid, cell proliferation and differentiation"
Catherine Radcliffe (Lisa Fortier Lab)
"Defining a Molecular Marker Profile for Equine Mesenchymal Stem Cells"
December 18, 2007 Alyson Spealman (Michael Kotlikoff Lab)
"Isolation, Expansion, and Differentiation of Cardiac Precursor Cells from c-kitBAC-EGFP Mice"
Rebecca Holmes (Paula Cohen Lab)
"Meiosis and the Argonautes"
November 20, 2007 Yung-Hao Ching (John Schimenti Lab)
"Plzf : polydactyly and male germ cell depletion"
Yeunhee Kim (Alex Travis Lab)
"Stem cell-based technologies of assisted reproduction in the cat and dog"
September 18, 2007 Le Cheng (Alex Nikitin Lab)
"Mammary stem cells and cancer"
Karen Osorio (Doina Tumbar Lab)
"Hair follicle stem cell activation"
August 11, 2007 Lawrence Bonassar
"Research overview"
Warren Zipfel
"Research overview"
John Schimenti
"Research overview"
Alex Travis
"Research overview"
July 16, 2007 Alan Nixon
"Research overview"
Andrea Quaroni
"Research overview"
Watt Webb
"Research overview"
Bob Weiss
"Research overview"
June 18, 2007 Claudia Fischbach
"Research overview"
Lisa Fortier
"Research overview"
Mike Kotlikoff
"Research overview"
Alex Nikitin
"Research overview"
Doina Tumbar
"Research overview"

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