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Graduate Minor in Stem Cell Biology

Graduate students from any discipline at Cornell are invited to enroll in the Graduate Minor in Stem Cell Biology. The minor gives students across the university the opportunity to take advantage of the wide variety of stem cell biology research offered by Cornell faculty. This minor graduate field is intended to provide both broad and specific training in the rapidly developing areas of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. A series of courses will be offered that cover areas relevant to stem cell biology, such as deriving, maintaining and selectively differentiating embryonic and adult stem cells and reprogrammed pluripotent cells, recreating the temporal and spatial environment encountered in developing and adult tissues, and understanding the relevance of fundamental processes governing the control of stem cells to diseases such as cancer. In some cases, one of the courses will be waived in consideration of the applicant's experience and major field coursework.

Upon successful completion of the required classes, the Stem Cell Biology Concentration will appear on the student's official Cornell transcript.


  • The minor is fulfilled with a minimum of three courses, totaling at least 5 credit hours.
  • Students take at least 2 core courses. The third course can be core or elective.
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA is required in the coursework completed for the minor.
  • Students must have a member of the Minor Graduate Field in Stem Cell Biology appointed as a member of their committee. For the list of faculty members please see:

Core Courses

Interested students will take at least two of the following core courses:

  • BME 6110, Stem Cell Bioengineering - 3 credits
  • BIOMG 4450, Stem Cells and Regeneration - 3 credits
  • BIOMS 7900, Seminars in Stem Cell Research - 1 credit

Elective Courses

Other courses that qualify to meet the (minimum) three‚Äźcourse requirement for a graduate minor in Stem Cell Biology:

  • BME/VTBMS 6501, Natural Engineering - 3 credits
  • BME 6650, Principles of Tissue Engineering - 3 credits
  • BME 5850, Current Practice in Tissue Engineering - 3 credits
  • BIOMG 7800/7940, Stem Cells and Cancer - 1 credit
  • VTBMS/TOX 7010, Mouse and Stem Cell Pathology - 1 credit

All inquiries are to be forwarded to Arla Hourigan ( or Elena Cestero (