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Stem Cell Symposia
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

The Cornell University Stem Cell Symposium is intended to stimulate exchange of experience with researchers outside of Cornell, enhance interactions within Cornell, and promote education in stem cell research. These goals are accomplished through presentations by distinguished invited speakers from various avenues of stem cell research and by poster presentations by graduate students and post-docs. The symposium is open to all Cornell faculty and members of their laboratories free of charge. Online registration prior to deadline is required and total number of participants is limited to 200 people.

5th Stem Cell Symposium poster symposium poster
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2015 (5th) Stem Cell Symposium: Congratulations to Aiko Sada (Tumbar Lab), Tim Pierpont (Weiss Lab), and Priti Singh (Schimenti Lab) for placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd consecutively during the symposium poster session.

4th Stem Cell Symposium: Winners: 1st, Andrew Modzelewski (Cohen Lab), 2nd, Chieh-Yang Cheng(Nikitin Lab), 3rd, Jayhun Lee (Tumbar Lab)

3rd Stem Cell Symposium Winners: 1st, Samantha Palmaccio (Nikitin Lab), 2nd, Ying Zhang (Tumbar Lab), 3rd, Bo Ri Seo (Fischbach Lab)

2nd Stem Cell Symposium Winners: 1st, Jinhyang Choi (Nikitin Lab), 2nd, Emily Brooks (Fischbach Lab), 3rd, Le Cheng (Nikitin Lab)

1st Stem Cell Symposium Winners: 1st, Le Cheng (Nikitin Lab), 2nd, Irene Min (Lis Lab), 3rd, Xia Xu (Weiss Lab)