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Cornell faculty with interests in stem cell research are welcome to apply for a membership in the Stem Cell Program (SCP). Members of SCP are expected to have established or developing programs in any of stem cell research areas, including embryonic and adult stem cells, stem cells in development, regeneration and neoplasia. Good standing of members is determined by active participation of faculty and members of their laboratories in all SCP activities, such as Stem Cell Seminar Series, Stem Cell Club meetings, annual symposia, preparation of applications for extramural funding and other research and teaching initiatives.

All members in good standing are eligible to apply for available SCP resources, including seed funding for research training projects and support of travel to meetings and conferences.

To apply for a SCP membership, please forward the following information to Benjamin Cosgrove (

  1. Name, title, department, graduate field memberships and contact information (office address, phone, email, and, if available, website address).
  2. CV
  3. Brief (two-three lines) description of your stem cell related research.
  4. Names and e-mails of the members of your lab to be added to SCP e-mail list.