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Stem Cell Retreats

Stem Cell Program Retreats aim to bring the Stem Cell Community together in a more intimate and casual setting. The retreats include talks by SCP faculty and a keynote speaker, a break-out session, and a poster session. The poster competition awards intended for students and postdocs are valued $1000, $600, and $400 in funds dedicated to research-related expenses such as computer, science books, journal subscriptions, and travel to stem cell scientific meetings. Click on the link below each poster for more information.

2016 Stem Cell Retreat poster winners: 1st, Alex Wang (Tumbar Lab), 2nd (tie), Dah-Jiun Fu (Nikitin Lab) and Rebecca Harman (Van de Walle Lab), 3rd, Lu Ling (Fischbach Lab)

2014 Stem Cell Retreat poster winners: 1st, Chieh-Yang Cheng (Nikitin Lab), 2nd, Aravind Sivakumar (Kurpios Lab), 3rd, Philip Houtz (Buchon Lab)

2011 Stem Cell Retreat poster winners: 1st, Song Eun Lee (Tumbar Lab), 2nd, Pengcheng Bu (Shen Lab), 3rd, Gabriel Balmus & Aaron Oswald (Weiss Lab)