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Inverted Microscope Zeiss 880-AiryScan Confocal/Multiphoton system (i880)


This instrument is a Zeiss 880 confocal scanhead mounted on an Axio Observer.Z1 motorized inverted microscope stand. Instrument details are:

  • The confocal detection system has 34 spectral detection channels consisting of a cooled 32 element GaAsP detector array with two flanking photomultiplier tubes (PMTs). Wavelength separation is achieved using a high efficiency grating; maximum spectral resolution is 3 nm over a 286 nm range (410 to 696 nm).
  • AiryScan Detector for super-resolution imaging. The instrument has an additional 32 element circular GaAsP array detector this forms a "virtual pinhole" in which each element is 0.2 Airy units. Data collected using the AiryScan PMT can be reconstructed to create an image that is has up to 1.7 times higher isotropic resolution then a conventional confocal image. Resolution is on the order of 140 nm lateral and 400 nm axial.
  • Photon counting mode is available for low signal levels and for enabling FCS and FCCS measurements to be made on the instrument.
  • Six single photon excitation laser lines are available: 405, 458, 488, 514, 561 & 633 nm.
  • Enclosed, heated CO2 incubator stage with motorized XY for tiling, and z-focus stabilization (Zeiss' Definite Focus device).
  • Multiphoton excitation is available using a Spectra-Physics Insight Femtosecond Laser. This laser provides ~100 fs pulses tunable from 680 to 1300 nm allowing for optimal two-photon excitation of nearly any fluorophore.
  • Four channel non-descanned detector for two-photon imaging (two conventional PMTs and two GaAsP PMTs).
  • Coming this summer – FLIM capability using a Becker & Hickl SPC-830 TCSPC card.