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Enhancement of the existing platform for teaching and training in stem cell biology is among the main priorities of the Stem Cell Program.

The Core Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Curriculum:

  • BME/VTBMS 6501, Natural Engineering
  • BME 6110, Stem Cell Bioengineering
  • BME 6650, Principles of Tissue Engineering
  • BME 5850, Current Practice in Tissue Engineering
  • BIOMG 4450, Stem Cell Biology: Basic Science and Clinical Applications
  • BIOMG 7800/7940, Stem Cells and Cancer
  • BIOMS 7900, Seminars in Stem Cell Research
  • VTBMS/TOX 7010, Mouse and Stem Cell Pathology

The following courses also feature topics of stem cell biology and/or regenerative medicine:

  • BioGD 3850, Developmental Biology
  • BioGD 4500, Vertebrate Development
  • BioGD 6130, Genomics and Society
  • BioGD 6820, Fertilization in the Early Embryo
  • BioGD 6870, Developmental Genetics
  • BioGD 6890, Cellular Basis of Development
  • VTMED 5200, Cell Biology and Genetics

Stem cell research and CSCP member faculty are featured in various graduate/training programs such as: Biological & Biomedical Sciences, Genetics, Genomics & Development, Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology, and Biomedical Engineering. Applicants interested in graduate studies in stem cell research should apply through one of these fields.