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Stem Cell Optical Imaging Core

The Stem Cell Optical Imaging Core is located in B45 Weill Hall and is closely associated with the Biotechnology Resource Center's (BRC) imaging facility which is in B46 (across the hall). Although open to all users, the stem cell imaging core preferentially serves investigators carrying out stem cell-related research. The Core's faculty Director is Warren Zipfel (Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering) and Co-director is Dr. Rebecca Williams, who also directs the nearby BRC facility. Proximity to the established BRC Imaging Core provides access to other types imaging modalities that may be of use to the stem cell community, including all types of light microscopy, small animal ultrasound, small animal microCT, nanoCT and whole animal optical imaging. The Cornell Stem Cell Optical Imaging Core suite is outfitted with three state-of-the-art optical microscopy systems:

1. Zeiss 880 confocal/multiphoton microscope on an inverted microscope stand with a fully enclosed CO2 incubator stage for imaging of cells and engineered tissue constructs. (More info.)

2. Zeiss 880 confocal/mulitphoton microscope on an upright microscope stand for live animal imaging and imaging of thick tissue constructs. (More info.)

3. Zeiss Elyra PS.1 super-resolution (SR) microscope for PALM/STORM and SR Structured Illumination Microscopy (SR-SIM). (More info.)

A key feature of the stem cell imaging core is the close coordination and integration with its two sister cores (transgenic mouse and pathology). Investigators anticipating the need for intravital imaging or for more complex cell-based imaging protocols (e.g. FRET microscopy, FRAP analysis) are encouraged to consult personnel from the stem cell imaging core at the beginning stages of their experimental design in order to ensure the highest probability of a successful experiment.

Scheduling and introductory training is handled through the co-associated BRC Imaging Facility. Hourly usage fees for the above instruments are listed on the BRC website. For help and training for specialized applications beyond basic imaging needs, please contact: Warren Zipfel (wrz2) or Rebecca Williams (rw36).

Users are required to include the following acknowledgment in all published works that present data acquired using one of the above systems:

For the Zeiss 880 instruments: "We acknowledge support from NY State Stem Cell Program (NYSTEM) contract C029155 and Shared Instrumentation Grant S10OD018516 from the NIH for use of the Zeiss 880 confocal and multiphoton microscopes."

For the Zeiss Elyra PS.1 microscope: "We acknowledge support from NSF Major Research Instrumentation Grant #1428922 for use of the Zeiss Elyra PS.1 microscope."